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Kanji Title:ソウルイーター
Romanji Title:Sōru Ītā
Genre:Action, Adventure, Comedy
Original Creator:Atsushi Ōkubo
Manga series
Published by:Gangan Comics
Oriringal Run:July 24th, 2003-August 12 2013
Volumes: 25
Anime series
Directed by:Takuya Igarashi
Original Run:April 27th, 2008 – March 30th, 2009
# of Episodes:51
Soul Eater Not!
Published by:Gangan Comics
Oriringal Run:January 12, 2011 – ongoing
Volumes:atleast 1

Soul Eater is a currently running manga series that had a 51 episode anime adaption produced by the studio Bones and a spin-off manga known as Soul Eater Not!

Soul Eater (manga)Edit

Prologue 1Edit

Prologue 2Edit

Chapter 1Edit

Blair is shown having a Bubble Bath at Maka & Soul's apartment in a brief cutaway gag right after a moment where Maka who is getting ready for a fight says that she wants to finish this up and go take a bath. During the Cutaway Blair is shown sitting on the rim of Maka & Souls Bathtub Singing and requesting the magic Scrub Brush to scrub her feet. In the last panel, Blair is shown in the bathtub learning over the edge saying that she is bored and wishes she could go to school like Maka and Soul.

Chapter 5Edit

Chapter 9Edit

Blair takes an Off Screen Bath and offers everyone at Maka and Soul's party if they want to take a bath with her and ends up dropping her Towel making Soul Eater Evans and Death the Kid to get nosebleeds.

Chapter 12Edit

Chapter 28Edit

Chapter 33Edit

Volume 9 Extra ChapterEdit

Chapter 45Edit

Chapter 49Edit

Chapter 56Edit

Chapter 57Edit

Chapter 78Edit

In a flashback, Elizabeth Thompson mentions to herself that since they will be coming along with Death the Kid who is rich, Both her and her younger sister Patricia Thompson can finally have nice dresses, food, soothing baths (which were Off Screen) and a bed.

Chapter 98Edit

Chapter 113Edit

Soul Eater (anime)Edit

Episode 1Edit

see Soul Eater episode 1 for full info
Soul Eater 1 9

Soul getting a nosebleed from falling in Blair's bath.

Blair is introduced while having a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub in her house with a Rubber Duck between her breasts. She is shown Singing while controlling a Scrub Brush with her magic to scrub her legs and back. Outside the house, Soul Eater Evans and Maka Albarn plot to capture Blair's house and Soul rushes in breaking through the window landing in blairs bath Clothed Bathing between her breasts while she had her legs crossed. The second Soul takes his face out of Blairs breasts and gets a glimpse at them he has a nosebleed and tells her its nothing, hes a cool guy and used to seeing naked girls all the time. Maka then appears in the bathroom where she kicks Soul out of the bathtub and tells Blair that they are after her soul where she then jumps out of the bathtub naked and magically gets dressed very quickly to battle.


Yellow cartouche
Censored TV airing
Red cartouche
Uncensored DVD release

Even though the scene doesn't depict anything explicit, its initial TV running had floating bottles of shampoo and body soap placed to cover up blair's cleavage and buttocks during the moment she was scrubbing her back while shaking her butt. The bottles were removed on the DVD releases of the episode.

Episode 2Edit

Episode 4Edit

Episode 12Edit

Episode 8Edit

Episode 14Edit

Episode 28Edit

When Tsubaki Nakatsukasa was in weapon mode, her spirits naked body is shown rising out of something that looks like liquid.

Soul Eater Not! (manga)Edit

Chapter 5Edit

Tsugumi Harudori and Meme Tatane both write Anya Hepburn's name on their arms to indicate that her turn is the next to use Tsugumi as a weapon but they end up forgetting since the pen washes off when they had an Off Screen Bath that was mentioned afterwards.

Chapter 9.5Edit

Chapter 27Edit

Soul Eater Not! (anime)Edit

Episode 1Edit

Aired April 9th, 2014

Episode 5Edit

Aired May 6th, 2014

Episode 10Edit

Episode 11Edit

Episode 12Edit


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