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Star vs. the Forces of Evil is a 13-episode cartoon series that ran on DisneyXD and DisneyChanel. It uses anime-style animation and references to Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura. Rough Draft Studios Korea began to do some of the animation beginning with "Blood Moon Ball".

Season 1

Episode 3a

"Monster Arm" (story 5 of the series) debuted 6 April 2015 alongside "The Other Exchange Student"

When Princess Star Butterfly turns the right arm of Marco Diaz into a tentacle, he tries to have a shower the following morning with it.

Episode 5a

"Diaz Family Vacation" (story 9 of the series) debuted 20 April 2015

Marco and Star and her father King River Butterfly witness Marco's father Rafael Diaz and mother Angie Diaz (not to be confused with the actress who plays Vida Rocca in Power Rangers) kissing in a hot bath.

Episode 5b

"Brittney's Party" (story 10 of the series) debuted 20 April 2015

After shouting "Foaming Twinkle Bubble Ripple" Star uses her wand to create a Bubble Bath inside a shell-shaped Hot Tub which boys (including Ed and Justin) at the party use for Clothed Bathing

Episode 6b

"Pixtopia" (story 12 of the series) debuted 15 June 2015

Ferguson is shown taking a bath while the Pixie Empress perches on the ledge of the tub to talk to him.

Episode 9a

"Freeze Day" (story 17 of the series) debuted 27 July 2015 before "Royal Pain"

Rafael Diaz is shown Singing in the shower with a yellow Rubber Duck when Star freezes time at the start of the episode.

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Episode 11b

"The Banagic Incident" (story 21 of the series) debuted 17 August 2015 after "Mewnipendance Day"

It opens with Star Butterfly sitting in a Clawfoot Bathtub full of magazines, reading one of them.

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Episode 13

"Storm The Castle" is the 2nd full-episode story (story 24 overall) and debuted 21 September 2015.

Glossaryck is shown dripping water and wearing a Shower Cap when Queen Moon Butterfly contacts him using the mirror as a Communication Device. He says "I was in the tub".

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He then does Leg Shaving and then intentional Towel Dropping of his green towel around his waist. Convenient Censoring by the screen bottom prevents the viewer from seeing him but Queen Moon is covering her eyes when it cuts back to her.

Season 2

Episode 14a

s2e1a "My New Wand!" debuted 11 July 2016

As Star makes a video blog, Marco Diaz is shown dripping with Towel on Head after some Off Screen Bathing.

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see w:c:StarVsTheForcesOfEvil:File:Star-vs.-the-Forces-of-Evil-S2-6.png for shot

Episode 21

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Star Butterfly Reads a book while Clothed Bathing in a Clawfoot Bathtub full of books.

Episode 19a

s2e6a "Starsitting" debuted 15 August 2016

Star uses her wand to make a "Squeaky Clean Bath Beam" which summons a Clawfoot Bathtub. She does this with the intent of bathing Buff Frog's babies (Katrina, Boris, Alexi, Anastasia, Dimitry, Ana, Igor, Mikhail, Leo, Irina, Nadia and Sergei) who got Filthy because she fed them cake instead of the special lunch that Marco Diaz prepared for them.

In an instance of Accidental Bathing, Star does Clothed Bathing by falling into the tub. She then uses a Communication Device to answer a call from Buff Frog.

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