Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi (or Steel Angel Kurumi in English) is a manga that began May 1999 and ran until April 2000, with 11 volumes total. During this time a 24 episode anime series ran on television, beginning October 1999 and finishing April 4, the same day as the manga.

A second anime series (this time on OVA) called "Steel Angel Kurumi Encore" ran 4 episodes from January to March 2000.

A third and fourth anime series aired in 2001. The second television series called "Steel Angel Kurumi 2" ran April 12 to June 28 and had 12 episodes, while the second OVA series called "Steel Angel Kurumi Zero" ran April 18 to June 20 and had only 3.

There was also a live TV drama called Steel Angel Kurumi pure that ran in 2002.

Steel Angel Kurumi (anime)

Episode 6

Aired November 9th, 1999

Kurumi takes a Bath.

Episode 7

Aired November 16th, 1999

Episode 8

Aired November 31st, 1999

Episode 11

Aired January 4th, 2000

Episode 14

Aired January 25th, 2000

Steel Angel Kurumi Encore

Episode 1

Released July 29th, 2000

Steel Angel Kurumi 2

A 12-episode TV sequel released 12 April to 28 June in 2001.

Episode 2

April 19th, 2001

Episode 4

Aired May 3rd, 2001

Episode 5

Aired May 10th, 2001 "Master and Sister"

Uruka Sumeragi takes a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub and her newfound Servant, Saki begs to join her in the tub and help wash her back.

Episode 6

Aired May 17th, 2001 "Kurumi Becomes a Fish"

Uruka Sumeragi and Saki share a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub. Later on in the episode, Kurumi ends up Skinny Dipping in the Ocean due to losing the top of her Swimsuit.

Episode 8

Aired May 31st, 2001

Episode 11

Aired June 21st, 2001

Steel Angel Kurumi Zero

A 3-episode OVA series released 18 April to June 20 in 2001.

Episode 1

Released April 18th, 2001

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