Tokurei Sochi Dantai Stella Jo-Gakuin Kōtō-ka Shīkyūbu (特例措置団体ステラ女学院高等科C3部 translates to mean Preferential Measure Organization Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C3) is abbreviated to Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu or even shorter, simply C3-Bu (C3部 is pronounced Shīkyūbu).

It's official English title is Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C³.

The series began as a manga in 2010, a Shonen in Famitsu Comic Clear which lasted 2 volumes until 2012, when a second manga, a Seinen in Young Magazine that ran 3 volumes until 2013, when it was succeeded by a subsequent Seinen in Kodansha Comic Plus which ran 1 more volume.

After this, a 13-episode TV series ran in 2013.


Episode 3

18 July 2013


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