Superman has existed in many variations. The original was Kal-L and the later version was Kal-El. He also goes by Clark Kent, a name assumed on earth.



Issues needed

Superman Volume 1

Issue 309

Published March 1977

Adventures of Superman

Issue 505

October 1993 in "Reign of the Superman!" After he takes a shower, Lois discusses with Kal-El how they could let the world know that his civilian identity of Clark Kent has come back from the dead.

Superman Volume 2

Issue 159

Published August 2000

Smallville Season 11

The first story arc called "Guardian" ran from chapters 1-12. These were originally released digitally. Later they were compiled on paper as issues which contained 3 chapters each.

Chapter 2

Chapters 1-3 compiled May 2012. Chapter released digitally at an unknown earlier date.

Has a post-shower scene here.

Chapter 11

He washes the hair of Lois Lane

Superman Volume 3

Issue 13

Published December 2012 as part of "New 52"

After he walks in on roomie Jimmy Olsen having sex in the shower with an unnamed woman, Superman reflects on how he never sweats. Superman then reflects on how he used to enjoy showering as he disrobes to clean himself. His invulnerable skin makes him unable to feel the hot water.



Episode 68

In season 4, episode 2: Gone:

Lois Lane accidentally walks in while Clark is showering.

Episode 190

In season 9, episode 15: Escape:


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

film scheduled for 19 March 2016 debut, but bath scene was depicted in a trailer released 11 February 2016

Clark (portrayed by Henry Cavill) does Clothed Bathing while Mixed Bathing with Lois Lane (portrayed by actress Amy Adams) in a bath.

Gotham City Breakout

21 June 2016

2/3 of the way in, he and Vic Stone do Mixed Bathing with Wonder Woman in Green Bathwater. She comments "this Kryptonite bathtub is strangely soothing" and Cy remarks "must be the vegetables Poison Ivy added to this soup we're sitting in. Despite our certain demise I just feel so calm right now." Superman blames the spoon because it's a soup spoon.

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