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Tenchi Muyo is an manga and anime series metaverse currently spanning multiple OVAs, TV series, 3 movies, several spin-offs and special episodes as well as radio plays, Pen-and-Paper Games and Videogames.

It's about an part-alien Japanese shrine keeper/high school boy who encounters many strange alien & monster girls who eventually end up living in his house, competing for his affection...

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-OhkiEdit

Episode 4Edit

Almost the entire fourth episode of the first OVA consists of nothing but the main cast relaxing in the hot springs. Ryoko Hakubi mocks Ayeka by pulling of her towel, so Tenchi gets to see her naked (Sasami stands in shadow with Ryo-Ohki on her head).

Ryoko and Ayeka start arguing about Tenchi's affection, getting Ryoko so enraged that she summons a water demon, all of this while completely naked. Because Ryoko didn't bring her power gems she's unable to keep control of the beast, so hilarity ensues while the gang has to fight against the demon, leading to some collateral damage.

Episode 5Edit

The next episode starts right with Ryoko sitting in the onsen again (or still?) and drinking sake. Ayeka joins the party and gets bright red from drinking.

Episode 11Edit

In the eleventh OVA episode Washuu (Ryoko's mother/ceator) is able to spot an impostor Ryoko by recognizing the trademark of the evil scientist who created her tattoed on her butt.

Unknown EpisodesEdit

Another episode shows her (Ryoko?) having a bath in her own floating onsen alongside Tenchi's baby cousin. The boy takes a dump in the water, causing Washuu to drain all the water and clan up the mess.

Unknown episodeEdit

Tenchi UniverseEdit

Official artworkEdit


Tenchi Muyo! in LoveEdit

Kiyone Makibi is shown bathing in a Barrel but then is transported out of the barrel naked by Washu.

Tenchi Muyo! Daughter of DarknessEdit

In the second movie, Mayuka, Tenchi's mysterious "daughter" from the future, surprises him while sitting in the onsen.

Tenchi in Love IIEdit

Pretty SammyEdit


Tenchi in TokyoEdit

Episode 21Edit

Tenchi Muyo! GXPEdit

Episode 8Edit

"Meet the Parents":

Episode 13Edit

In "Old Reveals and New Deals", Kiriko tried to prevent Amane and Ryoko from going to the men's spring to be with Senia

Official artworkEdit

Tenchi Muyo! - War on GeminarEdit



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