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Tenma Tsukamoto
塚本 天満
Gender Female
Series School Rumble
Scenes 3 Baths
Bathed In Hot Spring
Public Bath
Bathed with Mikoto Suou
Eri Sawachika
Akira Takano
Karen Ichijou
Megumi Sagano
Tsumugi Yuuki
Accessories Used Towel
Bubble Bath

Tenma Tsukamoto is the main character of School Rumble.

School Rumble (anime)Edit

Episode 2Edit

Tenma weighs herself while wearing a pink Towel after bathing off screen. As Tenma is disappointed with her weight, her younger sister Yakumo comes in with some clothes.

Episode 3Edit

She has a slumber party at her house where she takes a big Bubble Bath with Mikoto Suou, Eri Sawachika and Akira Takano. In the bath, she playfully splashes with Eri and Mikoto.

School Rumble Extra ClassEdit

Episode 1Edit

School Rumble 2nd SemesterEdit

Episode 4Edit

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