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The Idolmaster is a franchise that began July 26 2005 with the release of the first video game of that name. It received a 26 episode anime adaptation (Xenoglossia) in 2007, another 26 episode anime in 2011, and a 70 episode OVA series (of shorts) in 2013 (Puchimas! Petit Idolmaster). A new series called Cinderella Girls is scheduled for 2015.

Idolmaster: Xenoglossia

All dates in 2007

Episode 3

April 16

Episode 4

April 23

Episode 5

April 30

Episode 6

May 7

Episode 7

May 14

Episode 8

May 21

Episode 10

June 4

Episode 11

June 11th, 2007

A blue-eyed blonde girl uses Pink Bathwater to take a bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub with a Rubber Duck. Her hair is twisted up into a stereotypical style. When she does some Standing In The Bath the duck strangely moves with her, providing Convenient Censoring via Breast Covering and then Pelvic Covering.

Episode 14

July 2

THE iDOLM@STER Live for You!

28 February 2008


All dates in 2011

Episode 4

July 29

Episode 5

August 5


Released January 25th, 2014

Cinderella Girls Gekijou (anime)

Episode 6

There is an Onsen scene.

Episode 9


Xenoglossia artwork from magazines:

Megami Magazine

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