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Toriko (manga)

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Toriko (anime)

1st Ending Credits

Episode 24

A creature known as the Spa Monkey is shown taking a Bath in a Barrel.

Episode 37

Episode 38

Episode 41

Tom takes a Soda Shower in the bathroom of Toriko's new house.

Episode 43

Sunny says that he plans on using some of the milk that he got from the Milkwhale for a Milk Bath so his skin will be silky smooth.

Episode 54

Komatsu takes a Bath.

Episode 55

Komatsu accidental sees Melk the Second in the Bath and finds out that she is a girl.

Episode 57

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  • One Piece - Both have crossed over on a few occasions
  • Dragon Ball - Inspiration for the series and both have crossed over on a few occasions

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