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This article is incomplete and is missing content.
This article is for the series, For the title character see Toriko (character)

Toriko (manga)Edit

Chapter 20Edit

Chapter 120Edit

Chapter 124 Edit

Chapter 270 Edit

Chapter 279Edit

Toriko (anime)Edit

1st Ending CreditsEdit

Episode 24Edit

A creature known as the Spa Monkey is shown taking a Bath in a Barrel.

Episode 37Edit

Episode 38Edit

Episode 41Edit

Tom takes a Soda Shower in the bathroom of Toriko's new house.

Episode 43Edit

Sunny says that he plans on using some of the milk that he got from the Milkwhale for a Milk Bath so his skin will be silky smooth.

Episode 54Edit

Komatsu takes a Bath.

Episode 55Edit

Komatsu accidental sees Melk the Second in the Bath and finds out that she is a girl.

Episode 57Edit

See AlsoEdit

  • One Piece - Both have crossed over on a few occasions
  • Dragon Ball - Inspiration for the series and both have crossed over on a few occasions

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