Tsukasa Hiiragi
Gender Female
Series Lucky Star
Taken 1 bath
Bathed In Public Bath
Bathed with Kagami Hiiragi
Miyuki Takara
Konata Izumi
Yui Narumi
Nanako Kuroi
Accessories Used Towel

Tsukasa Hiiragi is a character from Lucky Star. She has purple hair that is shorter than her older twin sister Kagami Hiiragi, which she often ties above her head using a yellow ribbon.

Lucky Star (anime)

Episode 6

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Lucky Star
Bathers Konata IzumiTsukasa HiiragiKagami HiiragiMiyuki TakaraYui NarumiNanako Kuroi
Anime Episodes 6
Scene Years 2007
Appearing Content
Bathing Types ShowerFuroBath
Scenarios Clothed BathingBath BondingTowel on HeadArm Washing
Bathtubs Public BathBathing Pool
Accessories SwimsuitShampooTowelSoap

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