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Urusei Yatsura, also sometimes called Those Obnoxious Aliens in English, was the first big manga and anime hit for creator Rumiko Takahashi.  It concerns the adventures of perpetually unlucky lecherous schoolboy Ataru Moroboshi, his beautiful alien fiancee Lum Invader, and their circle of wacky friends and acquaintances around the Tokyo neighborhood of Tomobiki.

Urusei Yatsura (manga)

Chapter 295

Urusei Yatsura (anime)

Episode 7

2 December 1981

Shinobu Miyake has a Bath scene

Episode 13

20 January 1982

Episode 31

There is a Flashback Bathing Scene of a younger Lum Invader and Ran taking a Bubble Bath and Lum breaking the tub faucet and Ran getting spanked for it.

Episode 48

10 November 1982

Episode 53

15 December 1982

Ataru finds the perfect part-time job - a washing attendant at a bathhouse - which he excitedly anticipates as being an opportunity to ogle and grope naked women. However, it doesn't turn out the way he expected.

This episode involves Ataru's attempts to sneak into the girls' side of a bathhouse hoping to catch a glimpse of Lum and her friends naked.

Episode 54

22 December 1982
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Episode 69

25 May 1983

Episode 78

27 July 1983

Episode 84

14 September 1983

This episode features a shower scene with Ataru's nemesis, rich-boy womanizer Mendou, in which he is briefly attacked in the shower by crazed Tororo potato filling which has invaded the resort house where he, Ataru, Lum and Shinobu are staying, and Shinobu walks in on a still-naked Mendou after hearing his cries for help.

Episode 92

7 December 1983

Episode 97

25 January 1984

Episode 101

22 February 1984 titled "Operation; Peek in the Woman's Bath"

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Episode 108

25 April 1984

Episode 121

1 August 1984

Episode 124

29 August 1984

May have a shower scene, according to Toren Smith here.

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Episode 137

Aired December 19th, 1984

Anna Katsuragi takes a Bath in a Unit Bathtub.

Episode 150

3 April 1985

Episode 152

Aired April 17th, 1985

Ran takes a Shower in her Clawfoot Bathtub and then while still wearing a Towel, ends up falling into the males side of a Bath House after being chased by a giant cat.

Episode 182

11 December 1985 titled "Pure Love Sakura! The Slippery Soap of Separation?"

Urusei Yatsura: Only You

There is a Bath scene.

Urusei Yatsura: Remember My Love

Urusei Yatsura OVA

Episode 1

Lum Invader has a Bubble Bath scene.

Episode 4

Episode 5


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