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Vampire Hunter D is a post-apocalyptic fantasy/sci-fi series that focuses on a half-vampire known as D (hinted to be the son of Dracula) who is a mercenary that hunts monsters. There is a double meaning in that he both hunts vampires but himself is also a vampire.

It began as a book series in 1983 which has built up 25 novels. It was adapted into 2 anime films, in 1985 and 2000, while a manga adaptation began in 2007, while an American comic series that began in 2008 was cancelled by 2009.

Vampire Hunter D (anime film)

Released December 21, 1985

The Midwich Medusas are Skinny Dipping naked in their humanoid forms before turning into giant snakes. Later on Doris Lang is seen having a Shower in her farmhouse.

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Released August 25, 2000 in the west and April 21, 2001 in Japan

Carmilla (who in the video game is referred to as Elizabeth Bartley Carmilla, possibly making her Elizabeth Bathory) takes a Blood Bath within her sarcophagus.

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