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English Title:Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
Kanji Title:超人学園ゴウカイザー
Romanji Title:Chōjin Gakuen Gōkaizā
Original Creator:SNK
Anime series
Directed by:Masami Ōbari
Studio:J.C. Staff
Original Run:September 27th, 1996 – January 31st, 1997
# of Episodes:3

Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer is a 3-episode OVA series made in 1996 based on a 1995 arcade game of the same name by SNK. This anime was also titled Voltage Fighters: Gowcaizer the Movie or Superhuman Academy Gowcaizer. There was also a manga and image song collection produced, as well as drama CDs.

Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer (anime)

Episode 1

Shaia Hishizaki takes a Shower

See also

  • Angel Blade - Both series directed by Masami Ōbari and have characters that share the same names.
  • Fatal Fury - Both game series by SNK and had something directed by Masami Ōbari
  • Battle Arena Toshinden - Both OVA series directed by Masami Ōbari based off a video game.
  • Voogie's Angel - Both OVA series directed by Masami Ōbari

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