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Yuno Gasai
Gender Female
Series Mirai Nikki
Taken at least 4 baths
Bathed In Furo Tub
Oil Drum
Bathed with Yukiteru Amano (aka Yukki)
Hinata Hino
Accessories Used Towel

Yuno Gasai is a character from the Anime and Manga Series Mirai Nikki.

Mirai Nikki (manga)

chapter 11

Chapter 52

Mirai Nikki (anime)

Episode 3

24 October 2011

Bathing with with Yukiteru Amano (nicknamed Yukki)

Episode 6

14 November 2011

Having a Furo session.

Episode 7

Episode 13

9 January 2012

Bathing with Hinata Hino

Episode 23

26 March 2012

Using an Oil Drum she shares with Yukiteru Amano

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