Yuuko Nishi
Yuuko Nishi
Gender Female
Series A Channel
Taken 2 Furos
3 off screen bathing
1 bath
1 shower
Bathed In Skirted Bathtub
Bathed with Run Momoki
Tooru Ichii
Keiko Nishi
Situations Guest Bathing
Bath Bonding
Convenient Censoring
High Towel Wearing
Off Screen Bathing
Bathing Attempt
Bath Cleaning (off screen)
Hand Dipping
Soap in Eyes
Accessories Used Filth
Bath Stool
Shower Head

Yuuko Nishi is a character from A Channel.

Bathing Accessibility

Her house has an Ofuro with a Skirted Bathtub.

Bathing Habits

Due to having long hair she is mostly seen outside of the tub washing her hair with Shampoo under the Shower Head. Everytime she bathes, she drops the shampoo bottle and spills it. She really enjoys bathing with her sister Keiko Nishi. She doesn't like being touched while bathing. Whenever it is her turn to clean the Bathtub, she gets naked to do it.

Bathing Scenes

A Channel (manga)

Chapter 3

Chapter 43.5

Chapter 51

She is seen wearing a Towel in the locker room after some Off Screen Bathing.

Chapter 69

A Channel (anime)

Episode 2

Episode 9

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