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English Title: Zoids
Kanji Title: ゾイド
Romanji Title: Zoido
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Mecha
Original Creator: Michiro Ueyama
Zoids Genesis
Directed by: Kazunori Mizuno
Studio: Shogakukan Productions
Original Run: April 10th, 2005 - March 26th, 2006
# of Episodes: 50

The Zoids Franchise consists of several series about fighting with Mechanical Animals called Zoids. They are based on a toy line from 1982. The 169 anime episodes break down into:

  • Chaotic Century came out in 1999 and has 67 episodes.
  • New Century came out in 2001 and has 26 episodes.
  • Fuzors came out in 2003 and also has 26 episodes.
  • Genesis came out in 2005 and has 50 episodes.

Zoids: Chaotic CenturyEdit

original run 4 September 1999 to 23 December 23 2000

Although the first season in the Japanese series, it was the second released as an English dub after New Century.

Episode 5Edit

US air date 22 February 2002
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Episode 8Edit

US air date 27 February 2002

Elisi Linette has a Shower with Moonbay.

Episode 30Edit

US air date 29 March 2002

Moonbay has an Off Screen Bath at a mansion.

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Zoids New Century ZeroEdit

Episode 3Edit

debuted 20 January 2001, aired 22 October 2001 on Cartoon Network

Leena Toros take an Off Screen Shower.

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Episode 4Edit

debuted 27 January 2001, aired 25 October 2001 on CN

Info needed.

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Episode 14Edit

debuted 7 April 2001, aired 9 November 2001 on CN

Leena Toros has nightmare of the chainsaw man going after her while she is taking a Shower.

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Zoids FuzorsEdit

Episode 2Edit

4 October 2003

Amy Sings to herself while taking a Shower and Arm Washing and then gets Peeped at. This scene was cut out of the English dub.

Zoids GenesisEdit

Episode 1Edit

10 April 2005

Re Mii is Skinny Dipping in episode 1 wearing a loincloth.

Episode 9Edit

5 June 2005 titled "Hot Spring Village"

Re Mii bathed with Kotona Elegance in a Hot Spring.

Episode 29Edit

23 October 2005

Colonel Felme takes a Shower.

Episode 33Edit

20 November 2005

Colonel Felme takes a Bubble Bath.

Episode 34Edit

27 November 2005

Info needed

Episode 35Edit

4 December 2005

Colonel Felme takes a Bubble Bath.

Episode 36Edit

11 December 2005

Re Mii takes a Bath in a Bathing Pool.

Episode 42Edit

29 January 2006

Colonel Felme takes a Bubble Bath. She speaks on a phone while wrapped in a towel after exiting the bath.

Episode 43Edit

5 February 2006

Colonel Felme takes a Bubble Bath.

Episode 45Edit

19 February 2006

Kotona Elegance has a Steam Bath.

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Episode 47Edit

5 March 2006

Colonel Felme takes a Bubble Bath.

3rd Ending CreditsEdit

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External LinksEdit

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