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English Title: Zoids
Kanji Title: ゾイド
Romanji Title: Zoido
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Mecha
Original Creator: Michiro Ueyama
Zoids Genesis
Directed by: Kazunori Mizuno
Studio: Shogakukan Productions
Original Run: April 10th, 2005 - March 26th, 2006
# of Episodes: 50

The Zoids Franchise consists of several series about fighting with Mechanical Animals called Zoids. They are based on a toy line from 1982. The 169 anime episodes break down into:

  • Chaotic Century came out in 1999 and has 67 episodes.
  • New Century came out in 2001 and has 26 episodes.
  • Fuzors came out in 2003 and also has 26 episodes.
  • Genesis came out in 2005 and has 50 episodes.

Zoids: Chaotic Century

original run 4 September 1999 to 23 December 23 2000

Although the first season in the Japanese series, it was the second released as an English dub after New Century.

Episode 5

US air date 22 February 2002
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Episode 8

US air date 27 February 2002

Elisi Linette has a Shower with Moonbay.

Episode 30

US air date 29 March 2002

Moonbay has an Off Screen Bath at a mansion.

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Zoids New Century Zero

Episode 3

debuted 20 January 2001, aired 22 October 2001 on Cartoon Network

Leena Toros take an Off Screen Shower.

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Episode 4

debuted 27 January 2001, aired 25 October 2001 on CN

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Episode 14

debuted 7 April 2001, aired 9 November 2001 on CN

Leena Toros has nightmare of the chainsaw man going after her while she is taking a Shower.

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Zoids Fuzors

Episode 2

4 October 2003

Amy Sings to herself while taking a Shower and Arm Washing and then gets Peeped at. This scene was cut out of the English dub.

Zoids Genesis

Episode 1

10 April 2005

Re Mii is Skinny Dipping in episode 1 wearing a loincloth.

Episode 9

5 June 2005 titled "Hot Spring Village"

Re Mii bathed with Kotona Elegance in a Hot Spring.

Episode 29

23 October 2005

Colonel Felme takes a Shower.

Episode 33

20 November 2005

Colonel Felme takes a Bubble Bath.

Episode 34

27 November 2005

Info needed

Episode 35

4 December 2005

Colonel Felme takes a Bubble Bath.

Episode 36

11 December 2005

Re Mii takes a Bath in a Bathing Pool.

Episode 42

29 January 2006

Colonel Felme takes a Bubble Bath. She speaks on a phone while wrapped in a towel after exiting the bath.

Episode 43

5 February 2006

Colonel Felme takes a Bubble Bath.

Episode 45

19 February 2006

Kotona Elegance has a Steam Bath.

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Episode 47

5 March 2006

Colonel Felme takes a Bubble Bath.

3rd Ending Credits

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